Kevin’s January Update

Dear Faith Church,

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! The year has wrapped up well in Colombia, but instead of recapping the year in writing, I want to point you to my blog ( In the December 2015 section you can see a five-minute video I made reviewing this past year, where you can hear from a few of my students about their experiences and see a bit of Colombia through photos and video. If you’re interested in the more academic and theological side of things, I also posted a blog about the books I have read this year (mostly for preparing my courses), giving some recommendations of those I found most helpful or interesting. If you go to November 2015 on the blog menu, you can see a post with photos of our seminary graduation a few weeks ago.

The past few weeks since the end of classes have been a blessing. I have been able to rest a bit more as well as devote a significant amount of time to reading related to my Christology research project. I also translated a paper I wrote in my Master’s program on the Christology of Acts 2:36 to publish soon in our seminary journal, Ventana Teológica (which means “Theological Window”). The journal isn’t indexed or peer-reviewed (academic terminology for a certain higher level of recognition and quality control), but we’re seeking to move toward that in the future, and contributing some of my writing is a way to help toward that process.

I have been celebrating Christmas and New Years in Colombia with my parents, who have been making a two-week visit. I will be back to work on January 12 and classes start up January 26. While I haven’t been home for the holidays, I am planning to make a visit back to Montana around late June to early July of 2016, between semesters here, and I look forward to seeing you then!

I hope you have had a wonderful celebration of Jesus’ birth. Spending so much time reflecting on the doctrine of Christ, the reality of the incarnation never ceases to amaze me! May we take the time to stand in awe of the mystery that God came to be with us in the most intimate way possible.

In Christ,